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It is  my belief that organizing your space not only improves functionality (since now you can find the things you need), but also saves money (by not purchasing what you already have). Professional organizing adds a more functional and beautiful quality to your space.

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Kim Anderson

Professional Organizer

Our 5C's to Success!








I work interactively with my clients to help them organize their spaces.  This can be anywhere from a garage, craft room, pantry, home office or small business. Organizing can seem overwhelming, that’s why I developed a Five Step process that walks us through from beginning to end. Together we determine how to efficiently use the space and create systems to help maintain organization. 

This refers to setting up a systematic way of organizing based on your household habits.  Together we determine purpose/function and set up life system solutions.

Life Systems

What Happens Once I Make The Appointment?

  • Phone consultation to determine your needs and understand your overall goals of a specific space(s)
  • Set Appointment (half of the contract price due five days prior to appointment)
  • Appointment day:  Time to organize!
  • Labels and storage items 

I may make recommendations for specific storage items, if it falls within your budget – if not, we will try to use/re-purpose ones you already have.   Labeling is the icing on the cake and the key to maintaining an organized space.