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The Accidental Home Office

All that said, we didn’t plan on our bedroom being a shared office space, but that is what it is …  and maybe you find yourselves in what I call the accidental home office.  Meaning, you never thought you would be working at home either part time or even full time.  But here we are… READ MORE

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Accidental Home Office

The Formal Dining Room

I have been in many homes and I often hear the same story, “Oh, that’s our formal dining room, we only use it for holidays.” It’s always the same, a big dining table covered in a formal tablecloth, big chairs and a hutch.   There are always a few random items on the table …  a broken curling iron, dog toy, old mail, a lunch box from last year and maybe a… READ MORE

Formal Dining Room

Life Systems... can't find my keys

Repeatedly losing the things you need most means you need to set up Life Systems. Life Systems can be as simple as a key holder hung by the door, or an “Important Documents” file or something a little more complex like a better office workflow… READ MORE

Life Systems

Small Business Help is on the way

I know firsthand that small business can be so much more than the very thing you’re trying to be in business for... But as a small business, with limited resources, I cannot outsource all the areas of my business.  Hiring a Professional Organizer can be an affordable way to outsource some aspects of your business and allow you to focus on what’s important...  READ MORE

Small Business Help

Why Hire a Professional Organizer?

That’s a good question … why do people hire other people to do things for them? Maybe they don’t have the time or even the skill to do something? When you hire an organizer it’s more than a cleaning service - you’re not just cleaning an area, you’re completely transforming it into an organized and useful space. Hiring an organizer means there’s someone to stand by you through that project...  READ MORE

Why Hire a Professional Organizer