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Life systems

“I can’t find my keys, again …”

Repeatedly losing the things you need most means you need to set up Life Systems. Life Systems can be as simple as a key holder hung by the door, or an “Important Documents” file or something a little more complex like a better office workflow. 

When I visited my daughter out of state for the first time, she was complaining about how their apartment countertop had become a catch-all. I knew right away why this happened- it is the first solid surface you encounter when you enter their apartment. We got right to creating some life systems for them.

Side story - I am not a measurer, I am an eye it up kind of gal. My daughter and I, in the rain, manipulated a console table into the back of her Kia with 1/8 inch to spare. It was a funny sight and even in our struggle, the employee said, “Well I’ll leave ya to it.”  But, with extreme determination, lots of laughter and ingenuity, we did it! 

We talked about what things need to be easily found each morning and we made a plan based on that conversation. Upon entry to the apartment, we hung up a key holder, a place for leashes, a place for her purse and lunch bag.  We used the new console table for shoes on the lower portion and a beautiful piece of art over the table to complete the space.  We bought 2 baskets, one for a wallet and change and a second for incoming mail. 

Life Systems are ways of evaluating your home/life to make things work better for you and your family.  These small systems also alleviate stress. Take time to slow down and ask what’s not working here - what can we put in place to improve the situation?  Maybe you need a Life System – as always, if you need help reimagining and/or organizing any of your spaces, Midwest Organizing is here for you!

Life Systems